Guitar Shop

Americana Guitar has a selection of brand new C.F. Martin guitars ranging from Ukes, Little Martins, 00 and 000 models through to the iconic Dreadnought range. We also stock Retro and Special Editions such as the 000-28M Eric Clapton Madagascar Crossroads model and the D-18 Authentic 1939.

Our new Martin models are detailed below, but for quick reference here’s a list of what is available and what is coming soon.

We also have a range of vintage and pre-owned guitars from Gibson Accoustic and C.F. Martin that date from the 1940’s through to 2009 and also some ex-demo models that are in almost mint condition. If you would like some higher resolution pictures of any of the guitars then just let us know and we will gladly supply them (new, vintage or pre-owned).

Acoustic Guitar Accessories

Americana Guitar stocks AER acoustic amps and acoustic pick-ups.
We have a wide selection of C.F. Martin accessories. We are an authorised C.F. Martin string dealer and also carry other C.F. Martin accessories such as straps and picks.
We are also a stockist of G7th capos.
You can view a full list of Accessories ‘in stock’ here.

To come and try any of our guitars, new or vintage, ring 01525 403814 or email to arrange a viewing appointment.

View our sales terms and conditions here.


Having built up a significant acoustic guitar collection ourselves from various sources, we feel that we are qualified to offer a valuation and appraisal service to individual C.F. Martin and Gibson Acoustic guitar owners. This might be for insurance purposes, for sale consideration or just because you want to know!

Such a written valuation will include the inspection of the guitar by a respected and qualified luthier with a wealth of experience in the acoustic guitar market. His report will be fundamental to the valuation and will identify any work that might be needed on the guitar and what affect such work might have on overall sound and tone and also on valuation.

We have designed a pre-report “template” that we would ask be completed by anyone interested in this service. Once that has been completed and returned we would be able to quote a fixed fee for the service.

Email for more details…

Luthier Services

Through our local luthier network, we are able to facilitate all manner of repairs and adjustments to your guitar.

We can arrange a meeting where we can inspect and report “on site”, with you in attendance, giving you the chance to observe the inspection and to question the luthier… in other words, a full consultation process.

We can arrange all manner of repair-work… from basic set-up and adjustment through to re-fretting the fingerboard; nut, bridge and saddle adjustment; repairing body cracks and full neck resets… and anything else that your guitar may need!