Americana Guitar is based in Clophill, Mid-Bedfordshire, England.

It is owned and managed by UK/US music publisher/producer Steve D McMellon who is the joint founder and owner and also the CEO of London and Nashville-based Southern Crossroads Music (www.southerncrossroadsmusic.com).

Steve is also the joint-founder and production director of Goldfinch Music (www.goldfinchmusic.com), the music production, composition and licensing arm of film and TV production company Goldfinch Entertainment (www.goldfinchentertainment.com).

Steve was previously a co-founder, shareholder and CEO of double Grammy and multi-award winning music publisher S1 Songs Group and S1 Songs (America) which were sold to Chrysalis Music in 2010.


The Americana Guitar Co is a C.F. Martin & Co Heritage Dealer, stocking a wide selection of new guitars from Martin, and is also a collector and dealer in vintage and pre-owned acoustic guitars made by Martin and Gibson.

These two iconic brands have always been the leaders in flat-top acoustic guitars… in Martin’s case from 1833 and in Gibson’s from the mid-1920’s.

The acoustic guitars produced by these companies have been “the” fundamental tools for songwriters (without songwriters there is no music) and for artistes (without artistes there is no delivery of that music) for many, many years.

So many of the greatest songs of all time have been composed with an acoustic guitar emanating from either of the Martin or Gibson factories.

Music Production

In association with its affiliate companies, Americana Guitar can also provide music production, composition, arrangement and publishing services utilizing the songwriting and composing talents, guitar and other instrumental skills of its team and its roster to fulfill the music needs for many media formats and projects.

This “in-house” expertise enables Americana Guitar to provide a full music production service to end-users including film, TV, theatre, games and corporate clients.

Americana Guitar’s affiliated companies include UK/Nashville producer/publisher Southern Crossroads Music (and its new UK/Nashville label Eastland 615), and audio-visual music producer Goldfinch Music Limited.


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